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About Craig Webb


Brand Development and Design

Powerful ideas are the key to successfully marketing your brand.

Expressing your identity clearly impacts consumer experience and expectations, driving your success.

We listen carefully and think through your brand, seeking to identify actionable insights and key selling points. We research consumer needs, your market niche and your competitors, working closely with you to represent your brand mission and ideals. We build communications that target a specific benefit that moves consumers. We develop and focus the big idea and apply it consistently on every project and message, to build a brand consumers remember and trust.

Craig Webb Art offers copywriting and graphic design services for print, desktop and mobile web media.



  • Creative Ideation,
  • Copywriting and Editing,
  • Art Direction,
  • Graphic Design,
  • Brand Development,
  • Illustration,
  • Editorial Content & Design,
  • Project Management,
  • Competitive Analyses,
  • Marketing Strategy,
  • New Business Initiatives,
  • Client Facing / Strategy,
  • Internet Marketing,

User Experience Design

  • Website Architecture,
  • Functional Specifications,
  • Personas and Storyboarding,
  • Wireframes,
  • Rapid Prototype Development,
  • Content-Rich Interface Design,
  • SEO / SEM,
  • Template Design,
  • Flow Diagrams / Site-maps,

Technical Skills

  • PhotoShop / Illustrator / InDesign,
  • QuarkXPress,
  • MS Office – Word,
  • Excel / PowerPoint,
  • Front-end Development,
  • HTML / CSS,
  • JavaScript / JQuery,
  • WordPress,
  • GIT / Github,
  • SASS / Compass,
  • AngularJS, Handlebars,
  • SVG, D3,
  • Modernizr,
  • Bootstrap,

Product Services

  • Website Development,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Production / UX Documentation,
  • Art and Illustration,
  • PhotoShop digital re-touching,
  • Print Production,
  • Package Design,
  • Presentation Leave-Behinds,

Content Development and Design

Utilizing inventive idea generation and strategic insight to gain new business, Craig Webb Art provides concepts, design, art, copy, and production services to produce integrated consumer, business and technology communications that affirm your identity and message.

Target consumers with compelling messages tailored to convey your core identity.