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JavaScripts used in CraigWebbArt.com:

Recently Craig Webb launched a new responsive and mobile-friendly redesign of the CraigWebbArt.com website. The site is in production mode and sections of the website remain to be updated. The list of JavaScripts below is subject to change as scripts are organized and minified.

Modernizer – Used to test client capabilities and to insert JavaScript Polyfills to progressively enhance user experience.

HTML5 Shims – Three variations appear either on separate pages or redundantly on the same page. These are the document.createElement script, the Remy HTML5 Shim, and the Remy HTML5 shim that is embedded within Modernizer.

JQuery and JQuery UI Frameworks – Used as a dependency for other JavaScripts, JQuery provides a framework to succinctly target objects in the DOM.

JQuery UI provides a ready framework of widgets which can be predictably styled across clients.

Fancybox – Fancybox provides a framework to display images, html content and multi-media in a Mac-style “lightbox” that floats overtop of web page.

Bootstrap JS – Bootstrap JavaScripts are used to control the Web Design Page slideshow; the tabs and accordion on the Links Page.

Modal JavaScript – A simple JavaScript was created to open the “Join Our Mailing List” modal, which is on every page, and the Contact Page “See Map” modal.

Responsive Add/Remove Class Javascript – This small JavaScript adds an window.matchMedia event listener for resizing the window so that the Links page Tabs change to Buttons at the mobile width and back again.

Responsive Add/Remove Class Javascript II – A second JavaScript to add/remove classes exists on the WebDesign Page. It controls the accordion that hides text content (closed with button) on mobile devices until the user requests it, and displays the text (open, no button) on wide-screen devices.

Gestures JavaScript – This JavaScript adds a double-tap function to the Work drop-down menu so that on non-hover (touch) devices the first tab opens the Work drop-down menu and the second tab allows the user to choose the link.

CSS3-multi-column.js – JavaScript Polyfill to provide CSS3 multi-column function to clients that lack this function.

Respond.js – JavaScript Polyfill to provide media query support and generated content support to clients that lack these functions.

Selectivizr.js – JavaScript Polyfill to provide CSS3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors to clients that lack these functions.

Google Analytics – JavaScript to install Google Analytics.

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