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About Craig Webb

User Experience Wireframes

User Experience and Information Architecture services including project planning, visual design, wireframe development, user testing and prototyping.

Heuristic Evaluations

Create solutions that delight users, promote common-sense strategies based on research and experience and solve technical challenges

Wireframe Creation

Simple or complex wireframes using Photoshop, Illustrator, Draw.io or live HTML

Live Prototyping

Expert hand-coded HTML and CSS; incorporating dynamic JavaScript and PHP

Specification Documentation

Clearly written project descriptions for clients and developers

User Testing

Informal user testing and interviews; analytic research and reporting

Wireframes and Comps

Wireframes and comps to gain client approval:

  • Simple or complex wireframes designed to explain information strategy and proposed project layout
  • Wireframes to specify deliverables, such as functions, user-flow and content; to focus discussion on deliverables and the project scope
  • Comprehensive and detailed design mock-ups to show style, brand identity and creative ideas to the client and development team

Wireframes to communicate project requirements to the development team:

  • Rough sketches created for internal discussion within the creative team to explore ideas, workout a solution and save time
  • Complex wireframes and user-flows with text to describe technical specifications and explain design, functions and usability to developers or the client
  • Write clear, detailed technical specifications to define the project scope or explain a dynamic function
  • Provide context within specifications to ensure that the developer understands the brand message and user needs as well as the function
  • Proof-of-concept Live prototypes that provide a modular code component that can be further styled

Examples of wireframe planning documents:

Wireframes created in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, Google draw.io, or with live HTML

xVentures Group

Wireframe of proposed mobile app as a marketing tool to conduct research
HandOff Views

xVentures Group

Wireframe Schematic showing click-through plan for analytic marketing research project
HandOff User Click-through Schematic


Email Marketing
Samples of Email Marketing created in Photoshop
Mirren Email Campaign

Paywithme Home Page and Collection Creation Page

Wireframes showing functions and user enhancements for a mobile application

Paywith.me Wireframe

Paywith.me Collection Function

Build 1000 Homes

Wireframe showing responsive layout
Build 1000 Homes responsive layout

Icarus Group Ironwork

Wireframe sales tool to discuss project scope and deliverables
Icarus Group Wireframe

Thomas Publishing

Multi-layer PSD and Illustrator comps produced for Marketing Department / .NET Developers




Shalizar Properties – Comp II

These early wireframes focus on nailing down client requirements for interface deliverables while limiting discussion about style

Shalizar Properties/Comp II Home-About Page

Shalizar Properties/Comp II Project Page

Shalizar Properties/Comp II Project-pg Pop-up

Shalizar Properties/Comp II Contact MAIN Page

Shalizar Properties – Comp III

Working prototype screenshots modified in Photoshop to work out details of style, content and layout with the client, mid-project

Shalizar Properties/Comp III Shalizar_Project_Pg.jpg

Shalizar Properties/Comp III Shalizar_Latifa_Pg_v1.jpg

Shalizar Properties/Comp III Shalizar_Latifa_Pg_v2.jpg

Jung Designs

One of many test comps for a mid-project client discussion about choosing a style
Tom Jung Designs

Randall’s Auto Body

Wireframe sales tool to discuss project scope and deliverables including written content

Randall’s Home Page Comp v.03

Randall’s Repair Services Comp v.03

Randall’s Photo Gallery Comp v.03

Contact Randall’s Comp v.03

Bill Miller Photography

An early comp made in Adobe Illustrator to show ideas for page layout to the client
Bill Miller Photography Early Comp

A screenshot of a working prototype made at a further stage of development
Bill Miller Photography 2nd Stage Comp


Wireframe/Comp showing proposed content and layout
WMI webpage mockup

ATC Website

Site Map
ATC Site Map

Concept, design and creative development.

Build a core identity and message tailored to your target audience.

Craig Webb Art provides all aspects of New Business Communications Development including project management, creative development, copywriting and graphic design.

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