Environmental Monitoring and Compliance

Gotham Analytics offers new and intelligent ways to collect and analyze information from remote environmental monitoring sites. The Gotham Analytics solution includes sustainable power generation, intelligent sensor support, data logging, and deterministic communications across the globe. The field equipment is environmentally sealed in a NEMA enclosure and designed for long term unattended deployments in harsh climates.

environmental monitoring

A sidelined pond with concrete bottom

Many of the problems encountered when designing and deploying a successful remote monitoring project have been solved with the Gotham Analytics monitoring platform. Traditional monitoring systems depend on external or large solar arrays, specialized data loggers, fragile data communications, and third party software tools. Out technology offers a completely integrated package designed for this specific purpose with many more features and advantages. The platform is independent to application and has uses in air, soil, and water quality projects.


It takes vigilance to protect a pristine environment

irrigation monitoring

Irrigation in a tough desert environment


Waste-water treatment

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Site remediation

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Air quality studies

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Protect watersheds with compliance monitoring systems


Mining water compliance monitoring