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Illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator

Diaspora II from the Dreamtime Series

Concept: Diaspora evokes movement, times of crisis and displacement from life’s planned course by the stark weight of circumstance. The Dreamtime series illustrates life situations beginning before birth and ending when Saturn returns a second time to its position at time of birth.
Concept | Illustration | Digital – Craig Webb

Diaspora – from the Dreamtime suite.

Diaspora II

i-migrate – Software Package Design

Concept: Package designs for i-migrate, a software designed to automatically move settings, applications and files from an old PC to a new PC.
Concept | Design | Illustration – Craig Webb

iMigrate software package design.

iMigrate software package design.
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Illustration of Ralph Lauren bike/sports shirt.

iMigrate software package design.
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Cat’s Meow and Coffee Pot – Illustrations

Concept: Children's stickers and poster-style menu art.
Concept | Design | Illustration – Craig Webb

Cat, moon and stars. Sticker design for children.

Cat’s Meow
A series of children's stickers designed in Illustrator. These two became one story, further enhanced in PhotoShop.

Coffee Service.

Coffee Pot
Hotel menu art designed in the poster style of the '20's.

Zabar’s Storefront

Concept: Craig Webb created this whimsical illustration for the Zabar’s newsletter, distributed to Zabar’s customers in the store and by mail.
Concept | Design | Illustration – Craig Webb

Zabar’s Storefront.

Zabar’s Storefront.

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