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2011 – 2013
Email Design: Mirren.org

Mirren teaches advertising agencies how to pitch and win new business. Craig Webb Art designed a series of marketing emails for Mirren to publicize and market the Mirren New Business Conference in New York City.

February 2013
Mural Mural on the Walls Website

Mural Mural on the Walls Website

Website Design: Mural Mural on the Walls

Mural Mural on the Walls provides art education opportunities within a community setting, utilizing creation of ceramic tile murals for public display as a catalyst for teaching art.

Mural Mural on the Walls contracts with partnering institutions to publicly display completed murals, creating valuable opportunities to build lasting relationships between institutions and local communities.

Craig Webb Art created a responsive website and provided all aspects of website development including research, copywriting, art and branding, website architecture and design.

December 2012
Gotham Analytics Website

Gotham Analytics Responsive Website – Wide Desktop View

Gotham Analytics Website Tablet

Gotham Analytics Responsive Website – Small Tablet Size

Website Design: Gotham Analytics

Gotham Analytics provides custom engineering for digital monitoring devices.

Craig Webb Art designed a modern responsive website formatted for desktop, tablet, and mobile device display. The expandable website architecture was built to accommodate new content and functions as the engineering firm grew.

June 2011
Icarus Group Ironwork Website

Icarus Group Ironwork Website

Website Design: Icarus Group Ironwork

Icarus Group Ironwork provides custom metal working, iron and steel fabrication, and welding services in the New York City region.

Craig Webb Art provided all aspects of website development including research, copywriting, art and branding, website architecture and design.

Icarus Group’s website ranks on 1st Page of Google for “iron work new york

February 2011
Website Design: The Kosher Wine Society’s First Israel Wine Tour

The Kosher Wine Society hosts unique, educational and social tasting events in New York City.

Craig Webb Art designed a website itinerary for the first KWS wine tour of kosher wineries in Israel.

The Kosher Wine Society’s  Israel Kosher Wine Tour microsite ranks on the first page of Google for “israel kosher wine tours

January 2011
Shalizar Properties LLC

Shalizar Properties, Architects

Website Design: ShalizarProperties.com

With offices in London and New York City, Shalizar Properties is a real estate development and architectural firm that builds and sells family dwellings in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Craig Webb Art designed the Shalizar Properties website using HTML5.

July 2010
Jung Designs

Jung Designs, Interior Designer

Website Design: JungDesigns.net

Jung Designs is an award-winning interior design firm that offers creative, site-specific designs for the hospitality industry. Delivering artisan-quality remodeling solutions, Jung Designs incorporates local themes and landscapes into custom-manufactured artwork, fabrics and furnishings to distinguish each property.

Craig Webb Art designed the website using RapidWeaver, a CMS-like software, at the clients request.

June 2010
Moller Electric

Moller Electric, Electrical Repair & Installation

Website Design: MollerElectricInc.com

Moller and Moller Electric, Inc. is a private contractor offering electrical wiring and repair services in the greater New York City metropolitan region. Moller & Moller Electric, Inc. provides inspection, trouble shooting and repair of electrical power distribution systems; new installation or up-grades of electrical wiring and components, wiring for residential or commercial appliances, design and installation of indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical wiring for computer networks, and electrical wiring for smart home automation and home entertainment systems.

Craig Webb Art provided all aspects of website development including research, copywriting, art and branding, website architecture and design.

January 2010

Helping Hands for the Disabled, NYC

Website Design: HHDNYC.org

Helping Hands for the Disabled of NYC (HHDNYC) is an action organization of disabled people helping disabled people. HHDNYC solves disabled people’s needs, offering a variety of services that include helping members to move, to get to a doctor, or to shop. HHDNYC provides emergency food and other supplies for disabled adults from their Food Pantry and offers monthly social events and trips to members.

Craig Webb Art worked with the Director to write copy for HHDNYC’s website, which is built using OfficeLive, a Microsoft CMS product.

Randall’s Auto Body, Southampton, NY

Randall’s Auto Body Repair, Southampton, NY

Website Design: randallsautobodyny.com

Randall’s Auto Body in Southampton NY offers a full-spectrum of services including auto body painting, auto collision repair, and classic car restoration services. Randall’s needed a website and other marketing to reflect the hi-quality of service that their exacting clients expect. Craig Webb Art provided all aspects of website development including research, copywriting, art and branding, website architecture and design. Post-production development includes Internet marketing, analysis of website traffic, link building, social media marketing, and print design.

Randall’s website ranks on 2nd page of Google for “waxoyl”,
and 1st page top of Google for “waxoyl new york
Randall’s website ranks on 1st page of Google for “vortex truck bed liner

September 2009
Newsletter Insert

The Hoboken School of Music came to Craig Webb Art to design a Back-to-School Newspaper Insert announcing school offerings and class schedule. Design, copy editing and photo retouching.

August 2009
HTML email Marketing

Craig Webb Art designed HTML email announcements to introduce Bill Miller Photography’s Professional Real Estate Photography services to NYC marketing agencies, architects and building managers.
Visit BillMillerPhotography.com

July 2009
Jim D. Miller Insurance, LLC

Jim D. Miller Insurance, LLC

Website Design: jdminsurance.com

Jim D. Miller Insurance, LLC came to Craig Webb Art to create a website to showcase Jim D. Miller Insurance, LLC’s insurance services.

The project included writing new marketing copy for all pages including a Glossary and FAQ designed to enhance SEO. Craig Webb Art proposed a website architecture to support Jim D. Miller’s business model and designed the website.

June 2009
Direct Mail postcards, Email Marketing and
CraigsList Event Announcements

Craig Webb Art designed direct mail postcards, HTML email and Craigslist event announcements to promote art events and exhibitions for New York City ceramic artist Risa Ehrlich.
Visit RisaClayArt.com

May 2009
Press Release / Media Management

Craig Webb Art wrote and published a press release announcing the participation of James Benatti and Steinway Movers in the filming for the new movie Blue Valentine starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. Craig Webb Art contacted media outlets and reporters. The story was picked up for a news article in The Astoria News.
Visit SteinwayMovers.com

HTML Email Marketing Templates

Montvale Mortgage is a Real Estate Mortgage Brokerage that serves New Jersey home-buyers.

Craig Webb Art built HTML Email Marketing Templates for use with their email posting service and created art elements to compliment the message strategy.
Visit MontvaleMortgage.com

February 2009
Website Design: KevinVictor.com

Kevin V. Slesinsky is a Software Developer for Internet and Windows Applications. Craig Webb Art designed a website to showcase credentials and various skill sets which resulted in consulting opportunities for Mr. Slesinsky. Website architecture, design and development.

Craigslist Ads and HTML Email Event Marketing

Craig Webb Art created HTML Email and Craigslist event announcements for Good Shepherd Methodist Church, Astoria NY. The announcements were designed to attract new members and inform the church community of upcoming events. Craig Webb Art wrote copy, created art and coded HTML expressly for email and Craigslist marketing.
Visit goodshepherdastoria.yolasite.com

October 2008
Bill Miller Photography

Bill Miller Photography

Website Design: Bill Miller Photography

Bill Miller Photography is the real estate and property photographer for many of the most important builders, owners, developers, architects and designers in NYC and nationwide.

Craig Webb Art created a website with an expandable framework design and provided guidance for content management of photography assets. Craig Webb Art wrote copy to enhance search optimization and provide a counterpoint for Bill Miller’s beautiful photography. Visit Bill Miller Photography  here.

June 2008
Risa Hirsch Ehrlich, Ceramic Artist

Risa Hirsch Ehrlich – Risa Clay Art

Website Design: RisaClayArt.com

Risa Hirsch Ehrlich is a NYC Ceramic Artist. Craig Webb Art designed Risa’s website portfolio, including design, photography and retouching. Craig Webb Art also provided promotional services including direct mail, Internet marketing and HTML e-mail.
Visit Risa Hirsch Ehrlich’s website here.

March 2007
Copywriting and Consulting

Windowman Inc. (USA), an engineering firm that serves the institutional healthcare industry, contacted Craig Webb Art to request project management and copywriting services to prepare for a new-business presentation to the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY).  Craig Webb developed copy and a project plan that included product description posters, a PowerPoint presentation and a project description booklet.  Visit Windowman Inc. (USA) here.

November 2006
Copywriting, Direct Mail, Advertising and Interactive Design

Mighty Map is a NYC real estate data service that puts data on the map where business leaders and RE professionals can intuitively grasp significant details to make intelligent business decisions.

Craig Webb Art helped Mighty Map to re-launch its brand and introduce MightyMap’s new web-based real estate data-mapping service.

The campaign included branding elements, copywriting and graphic design for the MightyMap.com website, marketing collateral including direct mail, event flyers and business cards, and advertising for publications including the Real Deal, Real Estate Weekly, The New York Times, and Commercial Quarterly.

July 2006
Direct Mail and Advertising

Advancing new business initiatives for AmeriMerchant, a financial services business, Craig Webb Art provided onsite copyediting and design. Craig Webb Art produced catalogs for print and email, direct-mail postcards, sell sheets, and customer registration forms.  Visit AmeriMerchant here.

March 2006
Copywriting and Consulting

Providing copywriting consulting services for Windowman Inc. (USA), an engineering firm that serves the institutional healthcare industry, Craig Webb Art collaborated with the company president to convey complex technical information and co-write a comprehensive dissertation on door safety for publication by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE). Additional communications developed include an investment prospectus, contracts and marketing copy directed at investors, clients and engineers.  Visit Windowman Inc. (USA) here.

July 2005
New Business Advertising

MaxDelivery.com is a web-based service that delivers groceries, health-care and DVDs to customers in lower Manhattan. Max Delivery came to Craig Webb Art to build their brand and introduce their service. Craig Webb Art developed and produced a new-business launch campaign. Creative included headline copy, branding design and production for newspaper and outdoor advertising including “wild posters” and telephone booth kiosk ads. Visit MaxDelivery.com here.

June 2005
New Business Advertising

Craig Webb Art helped Art Dealer Stiebel, ltd. to promote their collection of old masterpieces as well as showcase their intimate gallery space with advertising published in the May issues of Apollo Magazine, Art + Auction Magazine, and Burlington Magazine, and additional advertisements in the June issues of Weltkunst Magazine and The Art Newspaper.  Visit Stiebel, ltd. here.

March 2005
Point of Purchase Design

Craig Webb Art designed POP window and in-store display posters for
Juice Generation, a Manhattan Restaurant. The project included directing a product photo shoot, photo-retouching, and graphic design.
Visit Juice Generation here.

Print advertising and media design

Nothing says “we mean business” better than effective print communications. Contact Craig Webb Art for creative design, print production and media management.

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