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Product Design

Project development and digital design

A product designer identifies a problem, finds a solution and brings it to market.

The aim of product design is to foster cross-functional lateral thinking across disciplines.

The Product Designer leads stakeholders across the creative process to share the product vision and own the outcome.

It is important to have a vision of the final product to ensure that the final project is fully realized.

Creating a product strategy “road map”

Creating a product strategy establishes a “road map” guideline for building the product. The product road map is the big-picture context for what the project will achieve.

The product strategy tells what the product should do and how it fits into business and market goals.

As a living document the product roadmap grows as projects progress. The guideline is the full description of the product vision. It specifies functions, content and style, mission and brand ethos.

A plan for priorities and the order of building functions and components is set out.

Plans to prototype a MVP and plan marketing stepping-stones are also part of the product road map.

Product design leadership and planning

Being a Product Designer requires more research and pre-planning than other development tasks.

Product Manager = UX, Tech, Business

Digital Product Design:
Business, UX & Technology

It requires leadership and the ability to coalesce actors around a shared purpose.

Research into the business side must answer many questions such as: what is the market fit? Is there an interest in the product? What functions are critical to success and which are first to production?

Tasks such as conducting focus groups and user studies provide answers.

Planning each stage of the production process gives an estimate of resources, costs and time-to-market.

Early planning stages include market research, product definition and validation. Having some concept of the systems design before starting is important.

Once preliminary research is in place, a strategic sprint to further define the product, more research and usability testing is in order.

A process of design, validation and iteration continues through development and user testing.

Bridging the gap between the business, clients, users, and the development team is critical to success.

Design and development experience

As a product designer, I specialize in front-end design and development. I have a history of owning projects from start to finish.

Having a combination of content, design and coding skills provides useful knowledge of how technology works.

I write content and develop brand assets for products or websites. Content development often includes creative brainstorming, market research, user research and advertising.

I learn about the backend and the team development stack and how to integrate with it. I learn as much as I can about stuff like data structures, online security and working with servers. I work to make my share of code compatible with the rest of the development team.

Sharing the product vision and owning the outcome is critical to success.