Iridium Telephone

Creative team member, world-wide advertising campaign

Iridium – Calling Planet Earth

Concept: Iridium telephone works anywhere on Earth – just like you do.
The worldwide advertising campaign for Iridium was translated into different languages and transmitted around the world.
Craig Webb worked on the Iridium campaign from inception until demise, helping coordinate the campaign with Roger Bentley, CD, and V.P. Creative Director Beth Kosuk.

Agency – Ammirati Puris Lintas | Concept & Art Direction – Gian Arena | Copy – Peter
Creative Direction – Beth Kosuk | Art Direction & Design – Craig Webb

No place on Earth can bring relaxation unless you know there&srquo;s peace at the office.

Iridium – No place

Who do you have to know to make call around here?

Iridium – Who

The food changes. The water changes. The language changes. At least your phone number won't have to change.

Iridium – The food changes

Tracking a package shouldn’t be easier than tracking a person.

Iridium – Tracking a package

It will impress people. Assuming there's anyone around to impress.

Iridium – Impress