Lawson Galleries

Lawson Galleries represents regional artists in San Francisco and New York City.

Lawson Galleries

Lawson Galleries,

California art gallery Lawson Galleries needed a new WordPress website to represent their stable of artists and reach a wider audience.

Website Design

Craig Webb Art designed a modern responsive website as the gallery’s flagship marketing vehicle.

User Experience

Craig Webb met with the client to sketch layout ideas and confirm the intended information architecture for content development. A HTML/CSS static prototype was built including creating mock content for the client to see how the design would look. Craig Webb taught the client how to work with WordPress.

Front-End Development

A prototype of the mobile-first, responsive website was built using SASS, JavaScript, and HTML. After obtaining the client’s approval, Craig Webb converted the HTML/CSS prototype into a custom WordPress theme. Custom short-codes and plugins were built to add additional functions.