Mural Mural on the Walls

Mural Mural on the Walls provides art education to community groups.

Mural Mural on the Walls

Mural Mural on the Walls,

Mural Mural on the Walls needed a website to promote their community art education services and apply for grants and funding.

User Experience

Craig Webb Art worked with the client to research requirements from funding agencies and proposed a website architecture to promote Mural Mural on the Walls’ art education program including an overview, photographs of community projects, and a media page.

Content Development

Craig Webb wrote original website content to promote the client's services. Craig Webb created the logos, textures and other brand elements to convey the fun and quality of the community art program and create visual interest.

Front-End Development

Hand-coded in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, The responsive website design includes separate CSS grids for text layout and the photo gallery.