Randall’s Auto Body

Randall’s Auto Body in Southampton NY offers auto body painting, auto collision repair, and classic car restoration.

Randall’s Auto Body

Randall’s Auto Body, RandallsautobodyNY.com

Randall’s Auto Body needed a website and other marketing to reflect the hi-quality of service that their exacting clients expect.

Website Design

Craig Webb Art proposed a website architecture and design to feature Randall’s full range of services and convey dependability.

Content Development

Craig Webb researched the automotive repair and restoration market and wrote original content to describe Randall’s full range of services. Craig Webb created art and an original brand style for the website.

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User Experience

Craig Webb performed post-production development including Internet marketing, analysis of website traffic, link building, social media marketing, and print advertising.

Front-End Development

Hand-coded in XHTML/CSS & JavaScript.