Silver Fox Renewables LLC Design, Installation, and Administrative Services

Solar Power System Design Services

Silver Fox Renewables LLC provides services directly or as an embedded consultant within the engineering team. We review designs, make recommendations, provide component pricing and project estimates. We are experienced with obtaining permits and working within regulations. We work with local governments, power companies and residential customers.

Installation of Solar Power Systems

We visit your property to determine if your property is suitable for solar power. We will tell you how much solar energy your panels will likely capture.

We sell and install an electrical inverter that is designed to collect the electricity generated by your panels and send it to the grid. Solar panels generate direct current (DC), and the grid runs on alternating current (AC).

Installing solar panels on your roof is a process of fixing frames to the roof, and then installing the solar panels to the frames.

Administrative Services

Silver Fox Renewables LLC is experienced with working with power companies and regulatory agencies to smooth the process.

We lead you through the process of applying for permits that you need from city agency construction and electrical permit departments and power companies.

Once we design a plan customized to your specific needs we facilitate purchase and acquisition of solar power components and equipment needed to build your installation and connect it to the power grid.

A suitable roof is required in order to qualify for tax credits and rebates. We will help you to determine what you are likely to have available in finances.

Silver Fox Renewables LLC provides design, installation and maintenance of high quality renewable energy generation systems.

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Carports
  • Electric Car Chargers
  • Battery Back-up
  • Battery Storage
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • Home • Business • City Projects
O&M contract, Westfield Mall, Century City CA.

O&M operation & maintenance contract to maintain the solar system. Westfield Mall, Century City CA.

Commercial Project, Solar Carport.

Commercial Project, Solar Carport.


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