Audubon Solar Class

Solar System Hands-on Training for System Maintenance and Design

The class will take place on the third Saturday of every month. Class price: $20.00, to be paid before class starts.

Class time: 9 am to 3 pm

Solar Training

Mr. Webb at job location with students

Please bring:

  • Your lunch (to eat at the site, or there are lots of places to eat in the area one hour break for lunch)
  • Bring a calculator, pen or pencil along with paper.
  • Also bring if you have a copy of the 2013 (NEC) National Electrical Code book.
  • WiFi is available at the Audubon Center, so if you have a laptop please bring it so you can log on to the various websites we'll be discussing that will help keep you better informed about our industry.
  • The Solar Training Class at the Audubon Center will also include guest speakers. These speakers have actual field experience, and will discuss field safety and the equipment needed to do the job safely and efficiently. Inspectors from Building and Safety will speak about system installations and meeting with contractors in the field.

Class Schedule

Class Room solar training

Class Room solar training

January 16th and February 20th

Phase I Class description: Introduction to Solar

  • Power Point introduction to solar system design
  • Field design for the Audubon's new solar array to be installed on the south roof of the Discovery Room
  • Designing a solar power system for a residential system using the resident’s electric bill and Google Earth
  • Site analysis forms, list of helpful website links.
  • Fire clearance information.
  • Solmetric Sun Eye training.
  • Q&A

March 19th and April 16th

Phase II class description: LEED building design

  • Power Point introduction to solar power and LEED building design
  • Tour of the Audubon facility’s solar power system
  • Technical overview of the solar power system

  • The Audubon was the first Platinum LEED building in the US in 2003
  • LEED buildings – What is a LEED certified building?
  • Commissioning a solar system for a LEED Project
  • How LEED is changing for both residential and commercial projects
  • Field visit to Audubon’s power equipment area and Hands-on training.
  • Q&A

May 21st and June 18th

Phase III class description: Selling solar power systems

  • Power point introduction to selling solar power systems
  • Sales approach; presenting yourself, your company and the solar equipment
  • Sales materials to be used during a sales presentation
  • Financial information, how to put together a quote
  • CSI website-rebate information. Sales or lease
  • PPA (power purchase agreements) and other financing options.
  • Q&A

July 16th and August 20th

Phase lV class description: Operations and Maintenance

  • Power point introduction to Operations and Maintenance (Q&M) of commercial photovoltaic systems
  • Tour of the Audubon’s solar system and the Q&M work being done on this working system
  • Tools and training needed to safely and efficiently perform Q&M tests.
  • Q&M contracts for new and existing solar customers.
  • Q&A

September 17th and October 15th

Phase V class description: Smart Grid and Battery backup

  • Power point introduction to Smart Grid and Battery back-up for home and commercial photovoltaic systems
  • Article 700 and 701 of the NEC code Emergency Systems and Stand-by Systems
  • Tour of the Audubon’s solar system and the Q&M work being done on this working system
  • Smart grid inverters and how your electric car can interface into your homes power to provide back power
  • Tesla Power Wall battery other Lithium Ion Batteries verses lead acid batteries.
  • Q&A

November 19th and December 17th

Phase Vl class description: Hydrogen Fuel Cells

  • Power point introduction to Hydrogen Fuel Cells:
    System installation and contractors needed for their installation
  • Using fuel cell for EV car chargers.
  • Article 692 of the NEC code Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Tour of the Audubon’s solar system and the Q&M work being done on this working system
  • How inverters interface with fuel cell
  • Q&A

For more information call or email Wade Webb:


Audubon Center at Debs Park

Audubon Center at Debs Park

Audubon Center at Debs Park

Located at 4700 N. Griffin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Silver Fox Renewables LLC was founded in October 2013 by Wade Webb, CEO.

Former owner of Solar Webb, Inc., Wade has been in the renewable energy industry since 1994 and is dedicated to maintaining excellent quality energy generation systems for both homes and businesses.


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