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Calligraphy of Fourteen Compositions
Calligraphy of Fourteen Compositions, Wen Zhengming [Wen Cheng-ming]

Information Architecture

Content strategy and structural design

Information architecture (IA) is the art and science of organizing content for websites.

The purpose of AI is to structure information to give direction and guidance to users. Page structure and labelling assists users to search and find information.

Craig Webb Art organizes information, content, and functions to present accessible information and services. Craig Webb establishes structure for websites, social media and software.

Information architecture tools are content outlines, site maps, flow charts and wireframes.

Craig Webb advises clients to determine user's needs, and how and where to present content. Craig Webb works with clients to create original content and develop brand assets as needed.

Information Architect is a central role. Expect me to contribute to Content Development, Project Management, Strategy and Development.

Information Architecture Services:

User experience design, navigation controls and content planning

Research and write original content for the web

Propose scalable content strategies for future growth

Transform brand and business objectives into user-focused digital communications that consumers embrace

Create simple visual vocabularies, that provide context and clarity

Develop brand elements to express core message, mission and values

Create graphic elements, branding and styles

Build attractive and functional stand-alone HTML/CSS websites