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Art Direction

Illustration and Graphic Design

My design aesthetic is brand-focused and clean. I strive to portray the essence of my client's brand to the best of my ability.

I build simple visual vocabularies to guide visitors into the brand experience. A limited color palette helps to personify the brand.

I like images that provoke an emotional response and are memorable. Images that don't provide easy answers create a space for conversation and dialog, allowing the viewer to fill in the story, ponder, and identify with the brand.

I work with sumi ink, pencil, egg tempera, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I know the code when it comes to HTML and CSS.

As an artist, I enjoy trying new things, delving into creative journeys of scientific exploration and invention.

  • Max Delivery

    Craig Webb concieved, wrote and designed this edgy brand-launch ad campaign to introduce Maxdelivery to Tribeca.

  • Iridium Telephone ad campaign

    Craig Webb worked on the Iridium campaign from inception until demise, helping to coordinate the campaign.

  • Honda Accord

    Rorschach Test Drive is a diagnosis of the therapeutic benefits of driving the Honda Accord.

  • Magic Marker Illustration

    Magic marker drawings are useful to knock out ad campaign ideas, for video storyboarding, to illustrate user journeys, or facilitate focus group discussions and developer conferences.

  • Adobe Illustrator digital art

    Craig Webb creates original art in Adobe Illustrator suitable for print and Internet communications.

  • Doggie Vacations Advertisment

    Doggie Vacations combines copywriting, hand-lettering and illustration to convey a savvy, loving brand.